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Below are helpful tips on serving and storing your Marcie’s Cupcake Kitchen tasty treats and answers to our some commonly asked questions!

Do you deliver?

Our sweet treats travel well.  We offer free delivery and set up within a 60 mile radius of Orland. We will travel outside of this radius for your special event for a additional travel fee.

Do you ship?

Because we use fresh ingredients and bake from scratch, our products are not able to be shipped at a reasonable rate.

How do I serve and store my MCK cupcakes and cakes?
  • Cakes and cupcakes should remain refrigerated until 45 minutes prior to serving.
  • Cakes and cupcakes travel well when refrigerated or frozen (depending on outside temperatures and distance being traveled). This will help keep them looking perfect until arrival at your destination.
  • If a cake sits out of the refrigerator for longer than 4 hours, it may soften and start to settle creating an exterior that is not as smooth. It will still taste great, but it may not look as smooth.
Do you do custom cake and cupcake designs?

We specialize in simple yet beautiful designs. We welcome ideas and suggest bringing inspirational materials such as your event invitation, magazines, pictures and color swatches.

Do make faux tiers?

Yes, we can create a faux tier for added height at a cost a little less than a full cake.

Are any of your products dairy or sugar free?

Most of our recipes contain butter or cream and cane sugars in our cakes and cupcakes.

Do you have gluten free options?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gluten free options.  We do not have a certified gluten free kitchen, therefore our products would have traces of gluten from the flours we use.

Do your products contain nuts?

We do have nuts in our bakery, so there may be traces of nuts in our products.

How many people do your cakes serve?

Our cakes are three to four layers of goodness and our 6″ round cake will serve approximately12 people; our 8″ round cake will serve approximately 24 people.

How long will my cupcakes last?

All our cupcakes and cakes are baked fresh from scratch with no added preservatives. They are best enjoyed the same day. You may store them in an air tight container and place them in the refrigerator to enjoy the following day, if there are any left!

How far in advance should I place an order?

For weddings, large, and custom orders, we suggest at least 6-9 months in advance. For small cupcakes orders, we suggest at least 72 hours notice.

Do you have stands that can be rented?

Yes, we offer cupcake tower rentals and cake pedestal rentals. Visit our rental page more styles and rental fees. Call Marcie’s Cupcake Kitchen at 530-300-4303 or email, to reserve your rental.

How can I schedule a wedding/special event consultation?

Call Marcie’s Cupcake Kitchen at 530-300-4303 or email We enjoy setting aside 45 minutes to hear about your wedding/special event vision.